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My Bio: Who is Chris Breva?
My pseudonym is Jamison Christian Breva or just 'Chris'. My given name is Marvin Schrebe. I am a Christian first of all and make no apologies for being so. I did not come to my faith by being raised in it as many do. I was originally an atheist and believed in nothing. Then I became a drug addict and suffered for many years. I entered recovery where I found that people of faith had a much higher chance of making it than 'lone wolves'. I began to investigate faith from a scientific perspective and through astronomy, archaeology, and other disciplines came to believe that not only is their a God, but that God is in the person of Jesus Christ and that history proves undeniably that He was crucified and rose from the dead on the third day following His crucifixion. The apostles and early Christians died believing that was true. Nobody would die the deaths they died unless they really believed what they were dying for. I believe with my whole heart that Jesus rose from the dead and was witnessed by the apostles. My writing will reflect that.

I am an ordained minister and a soldier in the Salvation Army Huntington WV corps. I serve there as the Community Outreach Coordinator. In that capacity, I am the Salvation Army's liaison with the West Virginia Veterans Home, where I serve as chaplain. I am also the corps liaison with Marshall University where I do some work as a school chaplain. I am also volunteering to represent the corps at the local jail. I am in process of hostage situation training and other documentation for that position. I will be serving the Salvation Army as a peer support specialist in our Pathways of Hope program, which will combat the ongoing opioid epidemic and generational poverty in our area.

Faith is the foundation of my life. Without my faith in Christ I would be lost and probably shooting dope. I don't have to live that way today. As I said I did not come to faith right away. My recovery took me the long way in coming to faith. Nobody is perfect. All too often people believe they have to get their life together before turning to God. God knows we are not perfect. I thought I had to be perfect in order to be saved and it kept me out for years. I knew I could never measure up. I would always fall short and that kept me in sin. I finally realized that Christ accepts people right where they are and changes them at His pace. Change for me was a slow process. I am still growing. Do not wait to become perfect. Repent now.

Another of my pet peeves is people following the crowd. I don't care what religion your parents were. Explore all religions and do the research. Don't just blindly follow the crowd!

By Chris_Breva

© 2019 Chris_Breva (All rights reserved)


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