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It weighs you down
Like a chain around your neck
You're a prisoner in turmoil
Trapped in pain, anger, regret

You feel the pain of loss
Deep inside your soul
You feel the heat of anger
Churning, because you had no control

The presence of regret
Lingers, from words left unsaid
And questions left unanswered
Why me? Why is my love one dead?

Is an all consuming process
It picks you apart piece by piece
Emotions that are so powerful
You're part living, part deceased

These mixture of emotions
Take control, and try to bury you
Everyday is a fighting battle
Just to see the day through

It can be a lonely journey
Which one of many, walk alone
Your soul forever searching
Calling your love one home

Transports you to another dimension
Where there is no healing time,
Days, weeks, months, years, all roll into one
And emotions and memories of your love one,
Are forever combined

By forgottonangel

© 2019 forgottonangel (All rights reserved)


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