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For life is not your best of dreams?
For life is not your
Best of your Dreams?
When your Dreams become
Your fantasy World.

You pretend to forget
The true reality of life
That may haunt you
For days, months, or even years

Of the bygone life
That passed by
As I pray to the God
Of love that I was

Taugh to fear
From the days when
I learned to walk and talk
Oh I heard the Gospel News

From my Mother's Voice
Oh how sweet and kind
The sound of a loving
Mother like mine can be

Mother had read to me
The new testament Gospels
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Mother spent time in the next book

Known as The Acts of the Aposles
To feather my knowledge of the Spirit
That filled their minds and their hearts
With the knowledge to speak

In all languages of all the people
Of the world in which we live
Their mission was to complete the great
Commission to spread the Gospel News

So my family as well as friends
Remember to let God know You are always
Thankful to God at the end of a day
When closing your eyes as you pray. AMEN!

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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