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Feline Beauty

I saw my cat basking in the sun
Feline beauty, elegance and fun
I spied on spirit wrapped in furs
A human-like whisper, softly purrs

A Crouching Sphinx in magestic pause
A fearless lion, whatever the cause
Sparkling eyes,send their darts in speed
Careless, has he any danger to heed ?

Soft the feel is, as my hand skims
Over the velvet fleece, a sheep it seems
And yet, the inner core, is cat-like breed
And the claws sharp, a wolf to bleed

The skinny back, arched like bow
Nimble and flexible, swiftly can go
He looks in the eye, a pensive hush
Full of wonders, spoken in a flash

I can guess what a cat might need
The usual way, his belly to feed
A mouse is meal, a perfect thrill
A yummy prey,...the cat-like will


By poetsword

© 2019 poetsword (All rights reserved)


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