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Hand in hand.
Between the music and the song, the heavens smile
It knows they’ll knit together sweetly in a while,
And as the swaying poplars whisper dream
Night’s not as dark as it may really seem,
For whispers carry further than you know
From day into the twilight’s velvet glow,
As the music oh so slowly dies away
And the song has really not much more to say.

Between the rainbow and the sun, rain clouds hold sway
They know that between them all, they’ll make a lovely day,
For colours are the candle’s lights that carry off life’s gloom
And make a many coloured coat upon their heavenly loom,
When the sun shines once more through the rainy cloud sky
There is only one lonely rainbow to sign its goodbye,
For the mixture of rain and the clouds and the sun
Tell of every last rainbow that’s still being spun.

Between hearts that are kindred and souls that are one
Where every last dream sets its hallmark upon,
Then the hand in the hand holds much more than mere gold
It is so much of forever that we need to hold,
When we walk on the sands and remember our days
With so many blessings and so many ways,
Each hand in hand preciousness wakens once more
Like a wish on the wander on some far off shore…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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