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Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Outside the box
It seems is where I live
With my opinion
Right or wrong I will give

But I refuse to join
The life of offense
I find honesty
Is my best defense

I was raised and taught
How to agree to disagree
Friendship does not require
You to agree with me

I refuse to live
Afraid to express feelings
My opinions I will speak
With each of lifeís dealings

I have always believed
Ones silence is also consent
For my life others wishes
I just canít be content

I will fight
For what I believe
To sit in silence
Is a betrayal of me

We all have
Our own lifeís walk
I thoroughly investigate
Before I talk

I gather the facts
And listen to both sides
But in the end
My opinion I decide

Living outside the box
Is not a popular place to be
But there is no real fault
If with you I donít agree

ღ KKD ღ

Original By
Donna DeLong Matthews
The Gold Pen Ghost
All Rights Reserved
© October 2019
Just another Reflection of My ღ

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