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Your wildest Dreams
Your wildest dreams...

Do not tarry in the dark My child
Do not hide from My face
You cannot fall from My grace
I will catch you everytime...

You spread My words of love
To all My children that have need of
A faith in what to believe
You take their hand and squeeze...

No pressures for you to lead my child
My words shall come to you as I see fit.
We must never forget
That the greatest of these Is Love...

From our Father in Heaven above
That came down to us with His Holy spirit.
And spoke loud so we could hear it
His proclamation of love!

Believe in Me and My name..
Ask Me inside to hybernate
Within your soul allowing My love to grow.
Sending warm sensations through your soul.

Then you too shall seek the truth
To eternal life with the Father and youth.
No man can come to the Father
Cept through me.

And yee must come as a child
On bended knee and open heart.
Ask Me in and I will arise within you.
Fullfilling your wildest

(c) Eva Marie Cagley

By raggedyann11

© 2019 raggedyann11 (All rights reserved)


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