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Lord have Mercy
Lord Have Mercy

Have Mercy on me have Mercy on me!
I am a sinner thats my plea...
Forgive me for all my downfalls giving me a hug
Shelter me in the protection of Your love.

I have been an adultress in my youth
Been a scarlot and I didnt bear any fruit.
Been a liar and a cheater
Enticing men believing I am sweeter.
I've cussed with the rest of them

Even used your name in vain.
I know the devil is to blame.
Lord please forgive me and my unruly
Life for you dear Lord I give myself truely.

I am ashamed of who I've been
But lessons I did learn over and over again...
Repeating the insanity of the devils ways
Now I'm just counting my days..

Lord please have mercy on me
I am but a lost sheep
I've said the sinners prayer now
And I feel you in my heart somehow...

I listen for your words this day
To write and talk and pass away
To show others I believe in you
Everything that you can do.

It's as simple as believing in Your name..
Asking You inside is not a game or lame.
I feel the Holy Spirit inside of me..
And I fall to my knees to worship Thee.

But Lord please forgive my wordly sins
For in this world I cannot win.
I'm spreading Your word best I can
For You are truely my best friend.

I bow down to You in Your glory
And tell You my life story
Leaving nothing out I tell it all
Asking you Lord to not let me fall..

Lord this I pray in Jesus name...
Have Mercy on me...

(c) Eva Marie Cagley

By raggedyann11

© 2019 raggedyann11 (All rights reserved)


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