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The Rain
The rain

Did pour and thunder
The wind blew and chilled.
The night darkened
Into a black blanket.

I was sitting in my warm house
Listening for the Spirit to lift me
Out of this gloomy
State of mind...

The lightening Strikes in the sky
God must be angry I cry.
What have I done now to anger Him
What have I done to offend?

Alone I sit and search my mind.
I am deep within my Soul
Looking for answers that
Nobody knows...

God speaks to me then and says
'Be still My Child..
Be yee not afaid of the storm
For it not my rath that runs wild.

I am bathing the earth with
My Holy water so all may grow
I'm not always mad
Don't you know?

The thunder is a reminder
To bear your souls to me
To listen and learn
And follow me to eternity...

The lightening is my way
To light up the night
For travelers to see in the dark
The lone bird whose taken flight.

I know sometimes the storms do damage
But this is only when Satan is trying
To take My children
And I am crying...

I will keep you safe
From harms way
I will listen for you
To bend and kneel and pray...

And in the morning I will send
A rainbow to make you smile
And remind you of my promise
While you gaze upon it for awhile...

For I love all My children
Even in the thickest of storms
Come to me now and
I will keep you warm...

Be yee comforted to know
You are a child of God
In this world
But not of this world.

The darkest storms
Cannot sever The love
I hold for you warmed
By My Holy Spirit...

( Eva Marie Cagley)

By raggedyann11

© 2019 raggedyann11 (All rights reserved)


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