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Unlocked Love


And now door unlocked the red shrine stands loved
Where lead crystal bowl floats twelve small candles.
First, the Goddess, white robed was strangely moved -
Her flowing hair, beauty's form, mystic calls.
Then fire in the crystal appears, pulsing
Like the beating heart in my breast for her.
Trembling begins and signs of love dancing,
Strangely drawing the Goddess to infer
Her watcher was the off'ring Love wanted.
The Goddess now with glitt'ring robes beckoned
And with awful beauty embraced and kissed.
Oh Love was pleased with the Poet's new penned bond.
And the door now locked the red shrine loved stands
Having fulfilled the Poet's love need's commands.


Have I not passed you on the park's night path
Darkly dressed and walking swiftly with grief,
Facing the city's red dusk the trees bath?
Let me show you the owl these parts who briefs
With wisdom all needing love's wished for flame
For those in love lose fear of fear that harms.
The owl says his love of night takes the blame
For his fearlessness where others have qualms
And with the wisdom of the owl I've heard
My poetry's full of praise of love for peace
Of mind, of soul, so body's freed by word
To solve, to act, to enjoy love's great feast.
Dear lady are you not my love's spirit?
Let's embrace, then show her love's true merit.


What's in aloneness that can lift one's soul
Which the heart- lonely miss looking within?
What cheers, what brings song home here, home no call?
Nothing my love, nothing of flesh, nothing
But spirit night in, night out sitting here
Bright eyes looking, sweet lips smiling - company,
Sharing the night, man and woman - we dare;
Even as first I fell for your beauty.
What's in this aloneness that one's soul lifts
Which night in, night out seems to others sad?
There's forever comfort - in love one drifts -
Never felt before, makes our spirits glad.
We're alone at night with never a moan
But pitied's the person really alone.


My Heart's mistress might well mainly mind dwell
Where smiles, sweet words and loved womanly show
Mean friendship rather than things hearts wish tell
Yet if fooled then foolishness grow and grow! -
Fool's gold I claim far out weighs gold's gleaming -
Never has such gold been so sought after
And to be the one her value counting
I show my foolishness quells poets' laughter
For my wise words borrow from her beauty
And smiles, sweet words and loved womanly show
Given with love make the poet masterly -
No other lady could make words gleam so.
Heart's mistress certainly in the mind dwells
But body becomes poetry nothing quells!


When I'm with you past soul's all a dither
As though on the river in flood, in rage,
I'm drawn upstream against rough waves silver
By your sweet singing and float back a sage
While angelic light lights my resting way
And the wind rings with wondrous melody.
Before I'm fully rested I'm for play;
The banks of the brute river can't tempt me
For Paradise upstream calls, tells of sleep
Floating in an ocean of love profound.
I strike against silver waves until weak
And all stands still, only kisses make sound.
When I'm with you my soul loses dither -
Climb the banks? No never! - Swim life's river!


Lovely Ylang-Ylang, glad I've bought your love oil
With power from the gods thinking earth's pleasures;
Teach me the how, when and where in love's toil,
Anointing, rejoicing, winning treasures
Yet this poet's promised more, nature's secrets;
Waterfalls never seen by man before
Where trees grow faster with brighter sunsets,
To impress my sweet heart, make her want more.
Lovely Ylang-Ylang, glad I've bought your love oil
With power from the gods thinking earth's pleasures;
Teach me the how, when, where, my love to spoil;
Let this poet show her secrets, mine and yours.
Lovely Ylang-Ylang, glad we are now partners
And part poet, part wizard, part man, oiled, purrs.


Yes do your worst incense clouding mind's sight
But first reveal visions for poetry's gain -
Bring here what's there, bring day to my dark night.
Show her bared bosomed love smiles without pain
So that ecstatic and withering throb brews
And I feel real pleasure for poetry's thrust
With speechless music's swell from vision's views.
Yes incense, visions though visions, they must
Be real enough so poet's pen's lies be truth -
Her bosom with love's smiles do conquer pain,
Do in visions give real pleasure to youth,
To those older, to all readers - words reign!
Let my love so feel passion through poetry
The vision's made real and lives, though not earthly.


What's the bond between us, love, dear sweet love?
The're like-traits bonding, softness and niceness
That can be and have been abused by love;
Traits worth not trifles but love's best caress.
We choose the stairs not the fast lift of lust;
We are children lovers, we are tender -
The stairs allow golden light grow rich trust.
We see, the city to the sea, splendour
Not dwellers' feet soiled with tired pleasure's mud -
Yellow mud that tells lack, we still have hope.
We have bonds where caresses make hearts thud;
Your beauty stair stepping bluntens not scope.
The bond between us binds us with sweet threads -
We mount the stairs, dismount where best love heads.


When Poets with purpose write themselves as Wizards
To win their lady wholly, heart and body
They strike problems with their methods, poor bards
For love spells without consent are tricky -
Better let love run its beautiful course.
This Wizard's wise enough to know that touch
With love's will, not by spell's ecstasy's source
Without, a touch is just a touch - not much.
The Wizard knows lust, false-love, fools many
But lust with love fools none - let such love run!
Though what harm to make some spells in poetry
That in dreaming tonight I touch with fun
Every part of you with pleasure's pursuit.
You know what the Wizard wants! - all your fruit!


When the candle goes out now there's meaning;
Rude blush on breasts brought by fire needs swift light -
When home alone, two rooms, two lights burning
Romance could dull without heart candles bright.
Let this poem fires set, flames warming your breasts.
When the rose oil's all gone and love seems low
And long's the time since my eyes had long feasts
When on purpose supposed thrill I'd not show
Showed blossom and some, making my blood run.
Let this poem fires set, flames warming sweet you
For love outlasts candles, sensed when oil's done,
Our hearts like roses, like sun ever new.
Let this poem fires set, flames warming praised thighs
So thighs through sighs thrive and love never dies.


Your hand dangled somewhat near yet removed, -
The couch and chair felt drawn but not with touch:
Your eyes smiled your thoughts, my chair creaked, pride smoothed
For lust laden love filled chair's trek to couch.
All round our nest love's sweet scent did abound
And signs the TV held not our whole soul.
Lust would have loathed the hour without love around.
Love can paint, have poesy and lust fall
Where chair and couch choose not to make merry
For love's in music, love's in much laughter
Oh but I tap my foot, laugh quite loudly
Thinking lustily of bed time after.
I feel your hand dangling though you're not here -
Come bed time promise my love dominates there!


If and only if you circling kissed
My brow, my ears, my neck, in spirit now;
Right this minute would I show I've missed
All the pleasures you have pleasured each hour!
I feel bad that I'm so urgent, so bad;
So needy, so wanting - my good has gone!
If and only if circling kisses had
Would I tell the world of wonders you've done.
Oh I feel so bad I am so in need
Of more than just love before I sing songs
Telling of your beauty out of my greed.
I feel so bad! Are circling kisses wrong?
Right this minute could I plead greed's need fast?
Then I'll win the world - give you all you ask!

By david_a_doolan

© 2019 david_a_doolan (All rights reserved)


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