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All You Need Is Love

Maybe all we need
Is just some space to breathe
A step back to think it through
And listen to a new point of view

Their are so many ways
That we can make things change
We can stop hating each other
Embrace the differences in one another

All Across The World
Can't you see the day
That we'll all see the same way?
All you need is love

Ignorance is a handicap
But the cure is in our hands
Together we can make it through
It all begins here with you

All Across The World
We react the same way
When you love it's like a flood
All you need is love

Day by day the veil is lifted
It's time to release control
All these changes and re-arranging
Starts with me if I want more

Love is all you need
All Across The World
Change begins with you
With everything you do

All you need is love
All Across The World
It's time to stop the blame
Only love heals the pain

All you need is love

By mikemezz

© 2019 mikemezz (All rights reserved)


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