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Like angels in the dawn's first light.

Where you had walked, the evening talked
Of star fires in the depths of night,
And where you stayed, the moments played
Like Angels in the dawn’s first light,
Wrapped round the hours, like blooming flowers
Beauty slept in her sleeping smiles,
And in her eyes, more than surprise
The peace that touches and beguiles.

Along the shore, your footprints bore
The sunrise diamonds of your dawn,
Another day, another way
To show the world that love is born,
And where you sang, the blue sea rang
With scintillating crystal bells,
As round your feet lay a gift so sweet
A sun touched necklace of sea shells.

And over all, white sea birds call
While weaving themselves through the blue,
A heaven made string of snow white pearls
That I once gave to you,
And that same night, a sacred light
Told me you were my special one,
For since that day, now far away
We’ve walked our world, two souls as one…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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