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Dont cry for me
Don't cry for me

Don't cry when I am gone
When I've left this world behind.
For I will be in a place of peace
Where my love does shine...

I will be with the Father
In Heaven and on high
He will hold me in His arms
So please do not cry.

I am in a Happy place
With smiles upon my face
Looking down from above
At all those I love.

I can see you all in the steeple
Celebrating my life
Listening to my poetry Cd
And sharing stories and strife.

Please don't weep for me
When I leave this earth
For I am an Guardian Angel now
In Jesus I am set free.

Protecting you from harm
Until you come visit me
For my Spirit is free
And I'm floating in the clouds..

Worshipping God almighty
Making Him proud
Reciting poetry to Him
And spreading it loud.

Please don't cry for me...
I am so very happy
He died on the cross for you and me
So we could live an eternity.

I'll see you once again
But until that time
I'll be dancing in Heaven
With a smiling grin!

(c) Eva Marie Cagley

By raggedyann11

© 2019 raggedyann11 (All rights reserved)


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