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Help Me To Be Strong
God called you home just a few days ago
I`am trying to get through this,But times going so slow
I`v e been through so much sorrow and pain
At times it`is like my face is wet from the rain
Yet I know it`is the tears I try so hard to hold in
At times I am o.k. then it starts over again
I know it takes time,I`v e been through it before
It`is like someone took my heart and just tore it and tore
And now it`is all broken into tiny little pieces
I was happy once again,Now the pain increase`s
I am now once again waking up all alone
I miss you so much,Since God called you home
As I laid down tonight and tried to get to sleep
Tears filled my eyes as I would silently weep
You`re no longer suffering and feel no more pain
Please God help stop the tears that fall like rain
Help me to get through this ,As I journey along
Dry my eyes dear God ,Help me to be strong.

By libra

© 2019 libra (All rights reserved)


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