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The Moon Wth Magic Cloud


Owl said 'ESORA wants to talk riddles
Tonight as you walk so don't look for me.'
First there were secrets that made wisemen from fools
Then easy riddles that all fools could see.
The near-full moon was clothed in magic cloud
And Venus though tiny held all the answers,
Nearer than most nights; proud Moon seemed allowed
To follow, to walk side by side, be hers -
Where he was passed his fulness, she covered well.
The riddle from which all fools learn wisdom?
That messages for me and me alone tell
What to other moons as a rule of thumb?
Owl said ' Glad you solved the riddle tonight
ESORA made you man and LOVE's your right!'


Let's talk like two who need facts of poor worth
Removed so one sign, one phrase can be found
That once known, once shown or said purges Earth.
Let's not say 'I love you' for that's sure ground,
Nor give some signs like smiles to waste our chance
To change the world, to find what devils hide.
Let's weave some spells like two who know the dance,
Danced in trance would enhance the whole world wide.
Let's consult the books, watch the stars and moon -
The words are there, there's a sign there, believe;
There's a war dance but believe war's sad tune
Is ended when they say our spell each eve.
Let's talk like two who know the facts that spell
What's said in close dance and saves the world as well.


If eyes glimpsed your knees hands would not be pleased
For they do not understand duration
They'd have to wait while lips sweet talked, that eased
Mists so eyes, hands, lips and knees could function.
So unfair eyes are first with beauty's fare
And even delight in hands' daring-do.
Hands are taken back when eyes are first there
To see signs Thought's poetry provokes in you
For didn't right-hand hold the pen? Why last then?
Eyes know they glow when hands' pace is slow
And lips taste more when hands pace does quicken
So why must hands wait when knees beauty show?
Says Thought to selfish hands 'I work long hours
And plan, so wait till our love smells the flowers.'


I hear the Lady's walk though bare feet glide
For her toes call my eyes and ankles heart
And missing such treats each other would chide
But still ears would hear wind-waft that's gown's part.
What manner of man whose mood would not rise? -
Not lusty man, and man in love not too?
All would say 'Live limbs swirl the gown for our eyes.'
The danger is that lust turns to love new;
A danger for love for one love should hear
What all eyes want 'Live limbs swirl the gown' sound.
I hear the lady's walk though bare feet tear
My eyes with beauty's thrall and miss the gown.
Would lust miss not one thing? or be most blind
Till 'live limbs swirl the gown' sound, changed heart's mind?


At night the river called, her banks to walk,
With earthless essence my mortal mould bold
And when I stood outside myself to talk
The plump large red star spoke strange things of old.
'You still grieve missing total love's magic -
Most poets claim this chasm which stars may make;
Annoint your pen with dragon's blood - be quick
And hearts afraid will put forth love's high stake.'
Inside myself I heard even stranger things
Once my annointed pen, thoughts pointed out -
Which new thought-worlds to my red starred room brings.
Now nothing matches thought's images' scout
But thought nor pen nor dragon's blood can beat
My Lady's heart smiled words - they can't compete.


If I could not hold both your heart and flesh
Mt Everest climbed would be less an event;
If climbed thus, man and mountain could not mesh
By making some mark so the mountain meant
The trembles, sighs and writing truth's history.
If I could not hold both your flesh and heart,
Could not climb, pitch my tent and night's stars see
On beauty's slopes, to heights bound, leave my mark
Then despite this I'd view days and record
All things of note, all things I'd found, all things
And write them down and show the world your hoard
Of treasures rare on earth and wish I'd wings.
You're my life's study and best I refrain
From climbs that might make you mute pen's main blame?


These pleasures no force could drag from me
Not even villian Time's mood swings ill schemed
Whose golden gift unwrapped fully's mockery
Where lovers wither in lust and love dreamed.
These pleasures of penned dances that I do
Will never wane but grow though Thought's limbs tire
For beauty's skill of birthing highs, with you,
Takes Time's rights to give golden moments fire.
These sweet pleasures that pass from mind to page
Could well last longer than earth's mind time
And cheat Time of his strength to beauty age
And my earth's last pleasured moment's divine.
This poet's in love and fortunate indeed
Since loving you Time can't less in me seed.


Love makes men weak and weak I'm feeling now,
The strongest I've felt for years in Love's fall
And shelve hard tasks thinking soft thoughts each hour;
Wishing ways, yes weak wishing, to claim all,
Secure strongly love in firm grasp's soft hands,
To weakly sigh yet show manly strength's there.
Sitting wishing, wanting action, loud bands
But caveman thoughts give way to Love's weak bear.
Oh I'm weak, I'm weak in love - my strongest -
I think of soft things when hard work's required;
Face nestles when strong hands hard tasks should best.
I'm weak, I'm weak but never been more fired.
I dream of you here where strong men just go
Yet I weekly plan Kings to overthrow!


'I've been admired by many men, it's true
And made more marks deep in their hearts than most'
Said the lovely lady 'and play men too.'
But what of the lovely lady's boast?
Should the prettiest of women dress down?
Can men help their eyes and hearts if they glow?
At gene selection, God's gift, should we frown?
What of men who feel sad, full of woe?
They walked the clouds as gods, no harm now men.
When the prize is great, great pain with loss is less
Or the beautiful of the world condemn.
Praise the woman, praise the man raised as best.
Until that day the beauty declares one,
Fight on with fearless heart, fight on, fight on!


Clearly seen through that large gap of praised space
With regard like the shapes youngsters first spy
In books not knowing truly eyes dare base
Them facts as between taste and apple pie
Or pushing the ball which then rolls with pride.
Clearly seen that which closed doors hid before
Or drapes hinted at yet drawn so to hide,
That give gift feelings grander than serves more,
Praps like warm springs in enchanted lush woods
Which call one to sink wholly in warmth's depths
Or two eyes of heaven with wisdom's shoulds
Where earthly teachings say pleasure berefts.
The large gap's pure praised space once one steps through
And stepping with love to love wins worlds new.


It's not just love I give you from my heart,
There's more though small it might seem 'gainst love's gems -
How with this rage to write can words not start
To tell what eyes have seen, nothing condemns.
Once poor poets write one word of beauty's world
Then weak words gain strength, weak phrases power take
And this lesser poet saw something unfurled
That took him to lands where words don't mistake
The Princess, The Goddess, The Lady there.
It's not just love I give you but due fame,
Words highest acclaim, words far sweetest fare
For I've been there, I've risen poet to blame.
This rage, this urge comes from love and beauty -
Oh Princess, Goddess, Lady, you chose me!


My Love, like crystal streams, sweet lips telling
With rubbed and round pebbled sounds tinkling 'round
Your voice has the choice of thus claiming
The sweetest sound of the smoothest one found.
My Love, like candles flickering out Morse Code
In romantic red and gold smiles for fun
Your smile is, yet by miles the richest road
To delight and ling'ring long with love won.
My Love, like nothing else you walk with grace -
No metaphor enhances what I see
Though true! you enhance the notion of lace -
Behind you, beside you, infront's lovely.
My Love I wish I was a sculptor great
Then poets world wide would have grace on a plate!

By david_a_doolan

© 2019 david_a_doolan (All rights reserved)


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