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Security Blanket
Have you seen tots clinging to their moms,
Clutching the hems of their skirts,
Trying to make themselves disappear?

Little Linus dragging his security blanket,
With his thumb in his mouth,
Walking without a care in the world.

You smile just to remember their timidness.
Wait a minute; is it just the children?
Grown up, you left that awkwardness?

Arenít you ever hesitant facing strangers;
Meeting your job interviewer, stoic,
Guessing what is behind his poker face?

Arenít you edgy to sit in that dentistís chair,
Trying to avoid meeting his eyes,
But failing not to look at the tools?

You kneel down, take out the diamond ring,
Pretending to look gallant but humble;
Oh. Please, arenít you a little bit anxious?

Pal, you need a security blanket, admit it.
But you are just a wee bit cowardly;
You want your security blanket, hidden!

You are not Linus; you are a grown person,
You have two faces always, to be true.
Vulnerability inside, sneaky facade outside.

The ambiance is such that youíve to be all;
The good, the bad and the ugly;
Yet, to be all that in a harmless way!

By suvasini

© 2019 suvasini (All rights reserved)


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