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Where doth your Mind Travel
Far off stare, wondering where minds travel
now that night is bursting into starlight?
when dreams brighten, wishes to become
realities, for awhile in a mind of imagination
doth one dream-making come true, a dreams
sweet caress, a tender touch written in the
wind of time.

Oh, dreams of lovers, so far the search, Lord
does a spirit form a cozy stall to lay their dreams
within? just like eggs so fragile, must be careful
they will not break with force, once broken all
will never be able to be put together again
the broken shall never be rebuilt only lost
in a timeless search.

Time sweet time, whispering pass, in freshness
of blossoms opening, catching dew before early
mornings light, settling in the caress of each touch
of a maiden's glance, pure with sweetness blowing
through the barren trees of lost bliss.

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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