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As clear as day I see this misty figure,
Blinking my eyes, a second, no, a third time,
Maybe even 6 times, I'm not really sure.
I feel fine,
But the figure signals me to come and leave my thoughts behind.

I leave my house through the backdoor,
As I stand in the garden, the figure signals me even more,
Do I follow it? As crazy as it sounds?
My mind tells me, to go back inside my house.

I decide to go with my guts, and leave the garden,
To see where the figure leads me,
after an hour of just walking, I don't want to go any further,
I am tired, feel like a crazy person, and the figure is now,
very hard to see.

I stop.

What on earth was I thinking,
Leaving my house, while managing my daily routine,
Maybe it would’ve helped if I did some more blinking,
What if my mind played tricks, and there was nothing really to be seen?

My head is down, I am a bit disappointed.
The asphalt I stand on, is grey and ugly as it can be,
Going out of my comfort zone is something I lately have been avoiding,
and I have been feeling like, ''this is not me''.

I look back up, eyes faced to the horizon in front of me,
And, do you guess?
Again, there the figure stands, clear as day.
This time it no longer is a figure, but a woman,
Smiling, waving, enigmatic to see,
To the unknown eye, she might fade,
My heart responds with a weird throbbing.

I gaze upon the area she leaded me,
I see a lot of crossroads,
a distance path going into some kind of forest,
a busy highway, so it seems.
I have a catch in my voice,
To see all these choices,
I think I made the boldest.

My path will continue,
now I see the choices I have,
But today the biggest one I made,
Was to go chase this delightful figure.

By xibell

© 2019 xibell (All rights reserved)


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