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Amazing Grace

On the way to Alpha at Grace church, on Castle Boulevard,

I saw an angel in fancydress


Near the Jubilee University Campus in Nottingham.

I have read about the Jubiliean

Mystery by Johnathan Cahn the other day.

I went to Alpha to listen

Instead I preached

I went to church to hear

Instead I wanted the pretty girls to see me

I went to taste their fruit

However all I could do was

Eat humble pie

Nicky Gumble taught about the Bible-

I misunderstood

I was tempted to touch the pew and theologise

But the church is really the body of Christ and I was wondering why

I was hating the unbelievers.

Now I look into their hearts.

I won a bag of chocolate gold coins from a game of

Heads and tails and like many in our

Lukewarm church I

Refused to acknowledge the unnatural

End Times fourth beast of

Same sex marriages, abortion, gender

politics and hatred of God's law.

I left the building without a goodbye from my

brothers and sisters. Joshua, my friend and

I walked into the Salutation pub for alcohol

Along Maid Marian way near the Olde Trip to Jerusalem, the oldest pub in England they say.

At the bar, I spoke to

A young blonde girl who chatted me up.

She was in Nottingham to see ghosts.

She had spoken to the old man about them that night

I nearly kissed her. She was

With her brothers and sisters who were masons and from the WI. She remarked that an old man had talked about ghosts and I thought nothing of it. It's nearly Halloween.

I had described at church a description of men that frequent pubs...adorned in pentagrams and appear like perfect gentlemen.....
and then I saw him just as I had imagined in church, even with a top hat and cloak, near the underground cave that lies beneath the pub and all of Nottingham, like a monster from hell. He had a walking cane of three silver

Skulls from Whitby of Vampire renown. I asked him where it was from and he told me...but I knew not to stay long. This old man was of course a serpent, a devil, a ghost.

The WI woman was cute, but she was his, I thought to myself.

I got her number, even though she was only interested in women.

I left quickly and went on to Das Kino another pub on Fletcher Gate, as I had not wanted to be alone.

Earlier I spoke of Martin Luther, the famous German reformer. Kino in English means flirtatous. I was looking to score with a girl.

I saw some young guys playing table tennis in the backroom, and I challenged them to a game. In hospital, in 2015 a man
like Jesus and the devil had
appeared to me. The man of God instructed me to play this game.

I had goodwill, and brotherly love

As King Joshua, my friend always humbly preached.

I was a good sport to these guys, but I have often forgotten or never known how to

play by the rules. We all beat one another. No outright winner like the gold coins. I had won them in church by default as I had not guessed correctly
the final toss of two coins. It was like the grace of God, I have the prize of eternal life though I have not outrightly deserved it.

I got into a taxi after getting a number from Matthew, who didn't believe my age. I am 40 and nor did the blonde girl.

I went home.

The girl never rang, and I haven't spoken to my apostle yet,

But I had the number

of Yeshua written in my heart.
After all I'm a sinner
In need of salutations
And amazing grace.
The old devil has his brothers
And sisters and now I
Arm in arm
With mine. Though I had amazing
Grace from the Lamb, I was in need of showing grace and I had to learn Matthew's gospel in order to
kiss the bride or
An angel.

By silverfox

© 2019 silverfox (All rights reserved)


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