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plight of the penguin
plight of the penguin

'Plight Of The Penguin'
Much like a bird
That cannot fly
With outstretched wings
You try and try
In coat with tails
And tucked in vest
All dressed to dine
A special guest
The dinner bell chimes
Much to your remiss
Your on the menu
Not the dinner list
In haste you frolic
To escape your fate
From the pot you jump
to the dinner plate
The circle ends
Where it began
If not the pot
Then the frying pan
As fate would have it
And you know it will
when the meal has ended
you get the bill
Take heed all penguins
We're not unkind
But when the clock strikes eight
It's dinner time..

By timmsy
2002 timmsy (All rights reserved)

By janetmcglone

© 2019 janetmcglone (All rights reserved)


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