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Celebration of life.

Written for Ron Boisvert,
In a celebration of Life, on May 19th, 2018
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Please Remember Me.

A leaf recently has fallen from a family tree.
I keep hearing a voice which says, 'Do not grieve for me.'
Try to remember the best time we shared… Our laughter,
a song, and the happy days, when I was alive
and well, in those last many years.

Please look at each other, through smiles, with no tears
you’ll see me beside you, like all through these years.
Be sure… I am with you, and always will be.
Envision sweet memories of moments with me.

We always had a good time when I was still with you,
Those days, when I was strong and healthy as could be.
So, continue my heritage, I am counting on you, my dear.
Keep smiling, knowing the sun will shine very clear.

Try to remember me, by looking for rainbows up high in the sky,
be happy knowing your love was divine. I’ll never leave you,
you live in my heart, you will never leave me, but know
I am on the journey now… though it seems we are apart.
simply I went ahead of you paving the way to the stars.

Please know, that I am blessed, and now, my soul is at rest.
Remembering all of you well, so continue with the family
traditions, and do not look back at those past days,
however, my chair seems empty… I am simply at rest.
Go on with your life, don't stare and dwell on the past.
Please remember…I love you dearly, so keep your chin up.
Until we meet again up high over the rainbows sky.
But today, be happy and enjoy your life.


May 2018
By Zuzanna Musial

My video - Music by David Castagna

By zuzanna

© 2019 zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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