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I was raised near a small town
where secrets were never kept.
The grapevine uttered everything,
it seemed, even while we slept.

A disagreement, settled soon,
became no more than grumbled thought.
Each depending on the other,
it was unheard of if they fought.

When plans were firmed up,
a handshake was a solid bond.
Plain Honor meant there was
no other way each could respond.

A lie that harmed someone
soon came back and was admitted.
In many ways, each knew a bond,
so few crimes were committed.

Small towns lack privacy.
Each action is known by all.
But, few people knew meanness
that I can recall.

No utterance of slander.
No sarcasm in conversation.
Too bad we canít all act small-town
today, through our great nation.

The bond, the need, the reality
of caring Ďbout your neighbors,
make daily life much easier,
no matter how stressful your labors.

Iím told our culture has advanced.
The way we live has been improved.
But, weíre too far from small-town,
and I canít honestly approve.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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