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No matter what some might say,
anymore, the passing days
speed by faster than years ago.
I count the tick-tocks, so I know.

As a kid, we had this clock
that, when wound, would go tick-tock.
But, the time between the tock and tick
went so slow it made me sick.

Id hear a tick and wait awhile
then eventually smile
as, later on, I heard the tock
come forth from that old clock.

I wanted the sounds to speed.
Faster tick-tocks were my need.
Was the world standing still?
If time would only heed my will.

A grandfather clock I have today
does double time and speeds away.
With rapid swinging pendulum,
the hours are all too quick undone.

I can no longer follow close
those tick-tocks in steady dose.
About the time I hear a tick,
the hour is done with but a flick.

If I could find another clock
like our old one, with slow tick-tock,
its so grateful I would be.
Time now goes by too fast for me.

So, say that time goes steady forth.
Declare each tick-tock of steady worth.
Such declarations fool me not.
Each year brings faster tick-tocks.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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