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Who Are You?

You were the one
Who always used to tell me
Live for the moment
Take it day by day
I Always believed
Your time would come someday

Now your time is here
Have you sold your soul?
You're standing out there in the sun
But your heart beats cold
You forgot where you came from
But some of us know

Now that your skies have turned blue
Can you face the illusion?
Now that your dreams are coming true
Can you beat the confusion?
Lady luck has come your way
Will you still get down and pray?

Who are you?

Do you remember Joe?
From down on the corner
He'll wash your windows for a little change
He always has a smile
On his withered face
Hasn't changed clothes in awhile

He whistles something you've heard
But you can't quite place
When the glass is clean
He shakes your hand
Now there's a wealthy man
Now that your skies have turned blue

Who are you?

Many years have come and gone
Maybe you've always been that way
Looking back we didn't catch on
Just used to you day by day
Now that your skies have turned blue

Who are you?

By mikemezz

© 2019 mikemezz (All rights reserved)


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