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Iím flat on my back with feet in the air - and I donít care at all if people stare. - Gazing at the heavens where birds fly, - I would be quick to deny - that I care about them and their spread wings. - Iíll just take whatever this day brings. - I hear conversations from yards far away - and I listen for any who walk near my fence today. - If any of them have something worthwhile to say, - some message of my own, I might convey.
Iím fed and groomed, nothing more is needed. - If theyíd offered more, it would have exceeded - any needs I usually let show. - Iím old enough to be a little slow. - Iím smart enough to do as asked sometimes - and try a few tricks learned when in my prime. - But, for the most part, - I havenít got the heart - to let them know I could do better. - After all, Iím a Shepherd, not a Setter. -
If a neighbor were to remark, - I can still answer with a bark. - But, my owners really can get peeved - if complaining phone calls are received. - So, I let others up and down the block - bark while I lay here chewing an old sock. - I might have been a seeing eye dog in my day. - But, the trainers suffered great dismay - when I attended training that first day - and they found my eyes saw only grey. - That being the case, - my application was erased - and Iíve spent my life at idle play. - Thatís why Iím flat on my back today, - with my four feet in the air - below the sign that says, ďVicious Dog, BewareĒ


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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