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Our Bond


What's the bond between us, love, dear sweet love?
The're like-traits bonding, softness and niceness
That can be and have been abused by love;
Traits worth not trifles but love's best caress.
We choose the stairs not the fast lift of lust;
We are children lovers, we are tender -
The stairs allow golden light grow rich trust.
We see, the city to the sea, splendour
Not dwellers' feet soiled with tired pleasure's mud -
Yellow mud that tells lack, we still have hope.
We have bonds where caresses make hearts thud;
Your beauty stair stepping bluntens not scope.
The bond between us binds us with sweet threads -
We mount the stairs, dismount where best love heads.


Bring the babe not born for pain with good blood
Who will grow with poems wrapped 'round her fine waist;
The world will not waste her words nor cast mud
And place her work where those with need love's faced.
May her love be a long way off yet near
So her poems tell of love more than most do
Without touch, without kisses, without fear
That someday she'll be with her lover true.
Bring the babe not born for pain but love's best;
Poems without words or love wrap 'round her waist
That she as she grows, grows not without zest
To fill her life, her mind, her heart - with haste.
Oh here she is! what love and words have done!
And I hear with her lover she'll soon be one.


No ordinary love do I behold in you:-
Take ten thousand women - examine them;
Select best love, great love, best of a few
Then propose to one, pick your anthem,
Then men of the earth you have my woman
Love greater than the beauty of the rest,
More caring than the caress of each hand,
A more beaming smile than with child at breast.
No ordinary love do I behold in you:-
The hand shake of God, one in ten thousand,
This man's moon dreamboat, you are my love true.
I want you forever, in foreverland.
No ordinary love do I behold in you:-
God shook my hand and one came from two.


Thus can my love learn why snail slow's the pace,
Why Brashness' reserved, why Brashness lacks strength
Though Heart's overwhelmed, though Heart can't help race.
Brashness sees distance, road too great in length;
For Heart speed dims all distance, speed's the thing.
Blindfold Brashness, let Heart guide, let Heart rule
No! say Eyes let Brashness look and then sing
Of our love's beauty and call not Heart fool.
Thus can my love learn why snail slow's the pace
And correct Brashness in his lack of dash.
Knock at our door or call us to your place,
We will make sure Brashness sees - is more rash.
Thus can my love learn why we have been slow;
Ten thousand miles vanish with beauty's show.


Where ever you walk hot sun loves to follow,
Sprinklers rainbow, shade peels back in honour;
Where ever you sit blushing birds sing low,
I know for I was with you last summer.
Where ever you step flowers bow heads to seed;
All things flourish that you turn, gaze upon.
I long to return, 'twould fill every need,
Inspire my pen for praise and adoration.
Poetry in books and on the internet,
Songs for singers and birds of the air;
Such promotion will be your praise outlet.
West winds will waft your sweetness everywhere.
Oh is there no relief for the love I feel?
All would be well if before you I could kneel.


When first I left your bower saddened and frail
The sparkling grape helped plough false fields daily;
Sealed off thoughts missing you poorly - grapes fail -
Not ale, sparkling poetry darling helps me
Oh there's no nobler substitute for wine.
I live, I love, I miss, love thoughts I pen,
Smile as though drink colours hours - so divine.
My heart beats the meter, my heart beats send
Poesy moonwards wanting moon, love to post
For I've seen beauty becoming angels,
Touched softness, tasted sweetness so I'm lost,
I live, I love, I miss, hear ringing bells.
Sparkling poetry's our darling connection,
Every word draws us towards our union.


When most I look then do my eyes dilate
For never they've viewed such wonders elsewhere
But when I sleep in dreams I'm in a state,
Not black and white, it's colour I see there
And can touch where I've not touched while awake.
You feed my dreams with sweet foods of my fast,
The heavy day's made light when eyes dilate.
Did you see my bright eyes when they did bask?
If I was blind would you teach me of man's sight? -
Let my fingers feel the light like bold eyes?
Oh I wish I was blind - let my tongue fight
For rights to learn what no man could despise.
So know when I look, my eyes wish to share -
They don't wish to be plucked out to be fair!


The Love Poet's right proud of his flimsy lines
For gain they maintain though not touch daily
As returned words dance steps poetry's pure wines;
He's in love, he's in love, his heart's lively.
She writes, twice as tall as he, sweetly sings;
There's no bribe, he subscribes, subscribes to her best -
Wishes for the comfort of her bed springs
To become immortal in love's unrest.
This is why he writes, this is why he's proud,
No idle trade, divine desires drive him,
Mused by her, served by her sweet love call loud.
The Poet's won wonders more morish than sin.
The love Poet's right proud of his flimsy lines;
Fasting now but near future has jewelled times.


Those thoughts that said I'm jealous have miss-cued
But not those that cry out loss would destroy.
Deep love doesn't prevent not coming unglued
And cruel distance's threats great fears do employ
But great faith in love should overcome all.
Faith in faith's challenge, faith in love, in you -
The unseens, the unknowns for sure, do call;
Can flag, then grow, confuse, oh never to
Completely fade, to go, to create nothing.
Those thoughts have miss-cued that said I'm jealous,
My faith grounded in life, in love I bring;
Poetry soars, poetry adores poetry of us.
My mood may swing but my love is rock based;
Through you, my great love in beauty's encased.


And then I kissed you; impulse pleased no end.
How bold was I! but how I've longed for this.
Overwhelmed by desire, yes overwhelmed;
Now I have time to contemplate the kiss.
There's a place of maximum sensation,
If only I had started a bush fire
And could add fuelled kisses to emotion
Tonight, tomorrow, soon with hot desire.
All my other dreams kick in, now closer.
Poetry would have new meaning, new impact.
A new audience would read - feel new stir.
Must highly praise that the Princess didn't lack.
I wonder if my dreams could be bettered?
Of course, I'll be sobbing with ecstasy's bed.


Through sweet Song's tender mind and body moved
From words' music, and music's true voice swooned
For Song sang bringing delight - felt much loved,
Could hear breathing, could sense smiles - miss would wound.
Mention made of love's symbols famed for melting,
Tears brought when lonely, tears brought of happiness.
Through sweet Songs tender mind and body wing
My way where eagles fly, love's my high nest.
Through sweet Song's tender mind and body write
Words mused of wonder to my mind and blood,
Red in my eyes, red in my hands, Red Knight
Show, the last not least the power of love's flood.
Through sweet Song's tender mind and body moved,
For Song sang bringing delight - felt much loved.


One Voice there is and that's of deep deep love;
Seas look small, mountains send rivers trickles
Compared to the mighty voice humans move
Despite many tiny whispers - heart fools.
Hear deep, deep love with sweetest, finest voice
Cross seas and mountains making them look small
In poetry - age to age will long rejoice.
No song nor music mused could so enthrall;
My ear craves, my mind dwells upon - my heart lives!
Seas' roars subside, mountains erode away
But my love's voice singing sweetly survives.
Listen! thousands of my libraried poems say.
One Voice there is to me - deep, deep love,
Heard in libraries too in Heaven above.

By david_a_doolan

© 2019 david_a_doolan (All rights reserved)


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