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Eden Restored


Being your slave bound in this happy state
Like Eden restored made pregnant with grace
Hours have I to ponder where fled ill fate,
How love's strength confines this poet to bright face,
Why the dice of sadness was love loaded.
Let's consider one thing that could free me,
Destroy the bonds binding me foot to head.
In Eden's library I read of jealousy -
All was bad I read as a lad not wise
But a little keeps one on their mettle.
Being your slave bound by beauty and sighs
I'm jealous of the eyes and ears of all
Since you were born and yes, forever more
Which make cruel chains chaff less as proud thoughts soar.


Lounging back in my black leather chair in state,
Thinking forward, thinking back to my youth
Of humble birth yet now a king I rate
Because of you, which is no lie but truth.
I watched the other boys with pretty girls -
My pimply heart winced as they smiled and played.
When I visit them with you my heart swells
For you're the catch as all the girls parade.
Lounging in my black leather chair I smile
For in months to come you will be with me
Sitting on my knee, my Queen of the Nile;
We'll eat humble pie no more, all will see.
Oh love turns boys to men of stature,
Love makes boys kings as girls' love they nuture.


Take all my love my love, take all my love;
Think on all the love you've had before me,
No love I wager truer than my love
And my love grows, for you're my rare beauty.
May I take all your love my dear love
Greater than any love I've had before?
And I will wager there's no truer love
Yet your words from afar say you'll give more.
Oh if our love can span your shore and mine
It must be special love we possess;
One we must protect from decay and flaws -
The Goddess of love, Venus loves us I guess!
Take all my love my love, take all my love;
How can we go wrong with help from above?


Where in nature is my sweet love today
As I meander along the river
Searching for signs of her presence in May?
(At night she is the sliver of silver.)
Not in the green grass greener in sunlight,
Nor in the weeping willow which is sad;
Reflections of the day in the river bright
Offered - then something made my heart glad.
Picked up a fluffy sphere white as my beard;
Blew it and tiny parachutes flew out -
One hung in the May air and it appeared
To signal me it was love - no doubt!
Inhaled some white roses as home I roamed -
Saw whiteness everywhere! 'My love!' I moaned.


If I have ALL your love and you have ALL of mine,
Loving in return in equality,
Can then each in turn make love MORE divine
To INCREASE quality and quantity?
Can our poetry IMPROVE our love power,
Give MORE love where we'd given ALL before?
Oh this is a lawyer's thrust hour by hour
But we poets see love GROWS more and more.
If in a court of law the lawyer wins
Saying whole love is not whole if it GROWS
The poet wins in verse if he or she pins
Hope on an answer a romantic shows.
We should join our two heart-loves together,
Oh then we will have ALL of each other!


As a young man there was a toast I made;
Praps a plea but more a prophesy,
A toast for perfect lovers I'd parade,
But it eluded me 'til you kissed me.
I disregarded the old toast for one new
Because it proved so out of reach of men.
Divorced such as I, only very few
Wouldn't see my new toast as failure again.
I toast to our love which as wine improves
(Out of the question my past says to me)
With you dear, love is one of the sweetest loves -
We pick our own grapes very carefully.
By joining our two heart-loves together
We ensure love is all one flavour.


Lovers should love while love is all in flower
For time is flying fast, time's relentless;
Today's blooms with scent that fills love's bower,
Tomorrow to preserve well, one must press.
Begin a kiss and the kiss nears its ending?
Embrace knowing one must release quite soon?
Smile as though the smile ends, deep in your thinking?
This must not be our musing nor our tune.
Let's kiss as though there's no tomorrow,
Embrace dwelling on every sensation,
Smile a smile as though we wipe all sorrow
Giving each moment most satisfaction!
So is poetry how we our flowers press?
Better that it is read as we undress!


Being together for two weeks in three years
Is not ideal in loving, in living
But quality does count and our time nears
When of being together full time, we'll sing!


Oh what beautiful things your heart treasures:
Tiny sparrows hopping past your window
With seeds of grass that the ant too wants - measures
To carry home through the forest grass to stow.
Though I should sit on your high balcony
With views of sunsets and humble ground things
Using man-made ink as spirits will me,
Chiefly yours, to write of love - ours with wings;
I would write in vain without a sweet kiss,
Without a smile, a hug, a walk at night
In moonlight, telling each other our bliss,
As the basis, for then love lacks delight.
Being together's like nothing around;
Oh there's nothing like togetherness sound!


I want to do nothing with you tonight;
That came out wrong but you know what I mean.
I feel like doing nothing much tonight;
I want to do it with you - know what I mean?
I can do nothing and I want to share;
Doing nothing is no fun on your own.
Know you don't mind when for nothing I care;
Oh that came out wrong - that you know you've shown.
Being able to do nothing's an art,
Oh with you it is happiness on Earth;
Sit on my lap, learn nothing by heart;
That came out wrong - let's to nothing give birth.
Being together's like nothing there is,
Oh there is nothing like together bliss!


Being with your spirit the sky's not grey,
Threatening rain is wary of spoiling,
Flowers fear not the wind nor the sun's foray;
Nature and you are one - birds are singing!
Sprinkling rain stops, the sun comes out warm,
Birds sing louder, there is movement all around;
Your spirit has not wavered, I am calm,
Oh not even thunder could make me frown.
In a touch of blue sky I feel your kiss,
In a sprinkle of rain there's joy of tears,
Your strength's in the flowers - in birds' song, bliss.
My love, being with you in body nears!
Being one in body beats in spirit;
In spirit, nothing but body beats it!

Being together for two weeks in three years
Is not ideal in loving, in living
But quality does count and our time nears
When of being together full time, we'll sing!


Hear this, my wished for, now, till time does end,
Found beauty by fortune not wave of wand
If there be force in being gentlemen
With culture, morals and of children fond,
Grant this Poet thus to live and thus to die
Side by side with you yet where all men could
Since your eyes make the rough man soft and sigh;
You breathe the breath that all fine ladies should
Making the man see good in things he's missed,
Put thoughts of waywardness aside found waned
And love shows the little girl grown and kissed -
The child your man cherishes now he's tamed.
Yet bringing to you these four gifts of mine
Less work's needed in reaching love divine.


Closing eyes opened through love, poetry brings
Where two minds without the world dimming, weld
A gentle weld of two petals, that sings
No songs on paper, by no gold ring held
But by beauty that has no known end.
The eyes can feel, the hands can see things new -
Two minds can dance dance two souls recommend,
No practice needed, just pure love of you,
Pure love of me, eyes opened, in love closed.
Here lies the key to our great universe
(Even side by side eyes closed) - the key supposed
Once lost, you've loaned this poet for more than verse.
The world no longer dims desire for dance
Oh one would need be blind to waste this chance.

By david_a_doolan

© 2019 david_a_doolan (All rights reserved)


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