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Ten Thousand Miles Away

Being ten thousand miles from his loved one
The Poet needed secret means, chance to claim.
The Lady and the Poet's readers unaware
Are made to have feelings the words don't say.
Then why tell them? Why tell other poets?
Once the poetry's read, to tell the Lady
Surely would impress her - secrets do this.
Readers love secrets too - feelings not said?
Subconscious goings on, things secretly?
Surely 'twould impress them - secrets do this!
But surely the Poet wishes poets kept out
So they can't challenge the Poet's victory?
Either the secret's too tricky to use
Or the Poet in love can dream up some more.


I'm not all here, speaking through this sonnet
As the room of love for I'm home moping
Wishing one could write their sweetheart present.
I'm not all here either at home writing
I'm duck diving and swimming like with her.
As you sit reading sipping your coffee
You may well be thinking you wish you were
Not all there either, in fact it's likely
You're in the pool splashing with us fooling
Joking we're more fun than poetry's ink
With smiling and laughing even swimming
This private visit through poetry's link.
You are here because you wish to be here -
Not all here but we're never all there.

Here's the pattern of stresses for the first line
Looking at business names of shops we find many use two stresses together to catch attention. The sign that was the biggest catcher of attention I saw was 'sale sale sale.' Stresses in a row demand our attention. A secret the Poet uses in his poetry and without saying 'SONNET' for example, in the first line is very important - IT IS


Without love our lives would like rain fall nights
Yet this day, every day since we know when
Love came though we knew love would when small mites -

In our mother's belly promised love's yen
Would make night day dawn with loved bright mornings
And if we feel like ants with loads too large
Our love much peace with smiles and singing brings
Which in poetry show the world, our charge -
We're given love worthy of to talk at length
So talk we do of pleasures long yet short
In love with flesh that felt two summer's strength
Which spirit's pleasures never will abort.
From the cradle we saw love we wanted;
Little did we know such sleeping was ahead.

Now we know the secret where ever we find two or more stresses in a row the subconscious is being told 'pay attention!'
PEACE WITH SMILES is one we shouldn't miss. We knew that you say but the secret technique stamps it in.

S is the most easily heard sound and yes is more easily heard
than no and more wanted in the main. S is pitched nearly like a whistle - every one knows a train's whistle hearability.


I've reS*earched the great poets not for nothing -
The trained parrot knows not what his speech means
Neither does his parrot friend listening
Yet like your name thousandS*-*Said my mind teams
Which alterS* Something I know not quite what
Shakespeare, Shelley, Byron, Coleridge changed me -
It's as though I Speak poetry and not rot,
As though ideas of love magnificently
PaSS* over the world of parrots to you
Who hear the words and know the Sweet patterns
Have ingenius meaning 'I-Love-You.'
This trained poet knew your mind would share grand terms.
I've reSearched the great poets not for nothing -
We've fallen in love through our deep yearning.

Lots of Ss but what is their secret use? The Poet wants to make maximum impact through Ss. The Poet's most important utterance - the thing said he wants no one to miss.So what is the Poet's most important utterance and why does he want it heard above others?
There is an * placed by words that have gained the most impact from the S. It can be done for beauty of sound. The double* indicates the Poets most powerful use to
indicate his passion - draws attention to the fact he says her name So often in his mind.


Some more than others want since more they have
Where others want less having less than they
And having you where few have more is grave
Since wants of mine seem larger each day
Where all I need's a sweet kiss this moment
From you my love whom the whole world wants too.
To kiss one's wife's not a big want - take meant
That those such kisses I want - small from you.
If you were to hold back while in my arms
My want would soar and I would want you more.
Would love grow from play that looks like it harms?
Then tease me till I can love and adore
No more, until love slides and wants increase -
Hold not back kisses wanting inner peace.

Notice the first line. The Poet in analysing Shakespeare and others (even slogans in advertising) notices there is a very high number of letters repeated.
The first line has 25 repeats - 3 more than Shakespeare's average. To aim for such a high score, the Poet believes (is a secret way) to contribute to the beauty of the line's sound. Should not the Lady be impressed by a line crafted in such a manner?

VIVID LOVE EVOKES amazing feeling - see 'Two Hearts Two Cities' ordered through Zora Knight the illustrator of the book with VIVID artistry -

This good looking guy bought a book last month
After thumbing through and falling in love with it
Especially the illustrations there in
Where an intimate couple - nothing crude
Impressed him as something special indeed.
He read it on the bus near a pretty girl,
A blonde with a golden streak in her hair.
She said she had seen it 'Who is the Goddess?'
He said ' I don't know as yet but I know
Who I wish your young God to be' said he.
'What's the book?' said another guy close by
When he could see the impact in buses
The rest of his life socially could be.
'Two Hearts In A Bus' said the Goddess smugly.
Another pretty girl said 'Let me see!'

By david_a_doolan

© 2019 david_a_doolan (All rights reserved)


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