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The snowflakes glisten a picture so bright
Gliding down onto mother earth a pure delight,
Orange lamps dimmed covered with snow
On a cold winter's evening a warm fire does glow.

A magical sight as I watch from my window with glee
These wonderful patterns fall on garden and tree,
For in all God's creation this is pure bliss
To witness such an event from sky to earths kiss.

For it is through a poet's eyes an elation of duty
To watch the pure spectacle of nature's beauty,
For in the entire world it is so special and divine
Just like a matured sparkling glass of wine.

It's what dreams are made of, a child's delight
No better smiles will you see, it sets their faces alight,
For if happiness was made of snow there would be no tears
It creates memories and photos that last through the years.

As I sit at this window I to feel a tear but tis one of joy
As I think of the great snowball fights I had as a boy,
Such cheer and celebration go through my mind
No better fun and games in the snow you'll never find.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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