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Our New unfocused World

Do we subtract feeling within, only
to exchange the thoughts of mind

Seldom words speak of comfort as
we continue on with fractured ailments
knowing it's not stable to continue
on with blueprints to build a sturdy

Abstract configuration materializes to
help with the subtraction knowing the
damage connections combined together
will select project wired, to be a complete
perfect humanoid without voice to
disagree on anything.

One creator, one world of dictatorship
one walks straight, no feelings, no
emotions, no laughter of the little
children. There are no longer created
children just machines programmed
to follow the master, a slave machine
for the bidding of another mechanical
machine with correctional technology.

So after all has been distracted from
mind, fluid flows through veins that
use to carry blood, now instructional
fluid controlled by only a machine.

New world of machines, programmed to
do what is to be done, no need for food
thoughts no longer exist, looks so perfect
has a human being, male and female
but no words that will confuse the maker
of this world of machines.

(Just one blank stare forever)

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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