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Special Time
They’ll never be another you, nor be another
me, only we shall be as one, like all of us were
meant to be.

Though we have no idea why this should happen
to us all, we have no way in changing life the
way it will soon become.

We must try to smile and help others and take
care of our world we still live upon, it will not
even be a memory in the future to come.

Don't waste your time in wonder, time does
not stop to answer, just moving on, second by
second without one thought in mind.

Walk your walk, talk your talk, love your love
with all your heart, it will not be lived in vain
only in the minutes left to close your eyes
and say good-bye.

This is your time to live, love, and pray, their is
no time left than the time you have, this very
special moment of moments.

Capture those special times that made a difference
in your life, it made you happy and you magnified
your happiness to many who lost hope in everything.

If you do just one special act that shines through the
darkest clouds, you know you have almost finished
your mission before you go!

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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