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A Very Chaotic Thanksgiving

This tale happened last Thanksgiving
When I went outside for a curious look
There was a ruckus that evening
I couldn't believe what I was seeing

Standing there was a big raccoon
Tearing through my garbage
He wanted Thanksgiving too
As I watched the carnage

I was dismayed as he looked at me
A scary grin made me laugh
Then around the corner came my cats
But they didn't intervene on my behalf

I have three cats to be exact
All wondering who's this new fellow?
Then a deer ran across the back
Things were far from being mellow

I sure wish I had a camera at this time
As a possum family came into the scene
I don't know what they expected to find
It's like a meeting about to convene

It was a very chaotic situation
As my left overs were torn to tarnation
Egg shells flying to the left and right
No way to attempt any negotiation

Empty boxes being thrown out of sight
I couldn't keep up with the action
This was going on just before midnight
The dogs were getting lots of satisfaction

I went in the house to turn on the stove
This turkey in here is kind of cold
All this chaos happening at my home
A few minutes later, fork in hand I posed

They all looked at me as I took a bite
Then suddenly, my fork went a flight
As the bulb burnt out on the porch light
Oh my, what a very crazy night

I thought it was the raccoon calling
But my cat Chewy meowed for a bite
I don't know what he was saying
I really hoped it wasn't causing a fight

He must have told them to go home
They all flooded out, to the left and right
Just as the sky started spitting snow
Still they had a great Thanksgiving night

I'll be ready next Thanksgiving here
So I'll leave them some delight
It may be a less chaotic the next year
As all the critters vanished out of sight

By mikemezz

© 2019 mikemezz (All rights reserved)


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