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My First Ever Boyfriend
My house had a different ambiance
There was some curiosity, there was expectancy.
Mandy, my sister touched and retouched her lipstick,
Whispering with my other sister Molly grinning stupidly.

Even my brother wasn’t any solace to me;
Nor was mommy, whose expressions, I couldn’t read.
Daddy was the only person who paid any attention to me,
He had time for me, unlike some unmentionables at home!

I got it at last! Mandy’s boyfriend was present
At the dinner table, looking nervous and overly polite!
Mommy was force-feeding him, her face all too expressive,
While Molly pretended to be what she was not; a chatterbox!

A blink of an eye! Molly had her grand day.
“Mom, Dad, I think it is time for you to meet Jonathan”
All the fuss, all over again; this time over Molly, Molly, Molly!
So, when are they going to notice the forsaken, well-snubbed me?

Daddy, as always, was the first to notice my pout.
What is it, little one? Anybody bothered my little princess?
Ha! I got this great revelation, an idea nobody had thought of!
I got up, with hands akimbo, delivered my first important speech.

Mommy, my brother and sisters, today it is my turn!
Please meet my boyfriend, Daddy! He is my best boyfriend!
I jumped on my daddy’s lap.
Did a bolt of laughter arise? I didn’t hear!

By suvasini

© 2019 suvasini (All rights reserved)


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