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A Prayer For our Starlite.
Dear Lord as we gather together and pray
As many years ago I was walking down life's highway.
Felt so lonely sad and so blue
My sister told me about starlite said I could write poetry to.
So I started writing and met many friends
Soon family we became each others poetry we'd send.
As I read there's they read mine comments helped us through
We knew we was there and knew the Lord was to.
Soon I started feeling I found a home
No more did I have to roam.
Now I am heart broken torn in to
Oh gee I will miss all of you.
Dear Lord we are all thankful for Brandy and Steve
Now to hard to have to leave.
My prayer today
Dear Lord can you please make a way.
Starlite we pray we laugh we cry
Now heart broken don't let our starlite home die.
I won't say it can't be done for Dear Lord for You can do anything
It might not be your will but I pray starlite door bell never stops to ring.

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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