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What Two Do
In the quiet that kept my thoughts
Came the sensation of your name
With it a melody that was telling me
I would never sing the same

You shared with me your story
That spoke of things complicated
With intentions pure, yet not so sure
As my head and my heart debated

How to move in-out of space
This continuum that would start
Time spent setting in motion events
That would surely affect my heart

No promises made or to be kept
In accordance with honored trust
And two agreed to not exceed
Understanding that was discussed

Lest two tempt the hands of fate
And those affixed on the 'our' glass
Taking bold stands as we hold hands
Uncertain when this moment will pass

Can this be real or simply misguided
Words uttered believed to be true
His truth spoken not as some token
And softly told her 'I love you'

You wait for me as I do for you
With a measured passion and joy
Moment fleeting, two hearts beating
Like drums by a girl and a boy.

What Two do

Poetroy58. (12-1-2019)

By poetroy58

© 2019 poetroy58 (All rights reserved)


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