One Breath Between Life And Death

One Breath Between Life And Death

There's a tiny space between life and death.
This space can be filled with just one breath.
I watched her as she lay there waiting
For her final breath unveiling.
She asked questions I had no answers to,
Holding her hand was all I could do.
She kept saying 'Talk to me. Keep me awake
So that final breath I will not take'.
I watched her laying there in so much pain,
Selfishly willing her to remain;
Praying for her healing, wiping her tears,
Trying not to think about my own fears.
Listening to her breath, praying 'Just one more',
Fearing soon she'd pass through deaths door.
She opened her tear-filled eyes and looked at me.
I had to let her go, this I began to see.
I told her if she wanted to go, it was okay,
That in heaven we would again meet one day;
That she could continue to guide me from above
And send down to me her most precious love.
She took my hand and closed her eyes,
I felt her soul starting to rise.
A smile came upon her face,
She simply glowed in God's gift of grace.
She quietly and peacefully drew her last breath
Filling that tiny space between life and death.


By Goodnesslady

© 2000 Goodnesslady (All rights reserved)

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