Upon The Beak Of The Dove...

When angles line the skies, and devils stare at their majesty,
when times forgotten, and hurt is put asunder, then shall all see,
the beauty which a human heart holds for those who care,

In that moment, shall the heavens open, and all will be revealed to the heart,
it's then, that all judgments shall be laid before the throne,of the God of your understanding,

He shall open the book of life, and in so doing, He will show the love you had for your, fellow man,
and then He shall, give to those that loved so deep and true, the thoughts of the wanderer,

You will have all that was promised so long ago, upon the beak of the dove,
read the words you write, and carry hopes treasures within them,
for you shall be the light, of all, to beacon those who are not sure...

By zero501

© 2000 zero501 (All rights reserved)

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