Human Nature

Vengeance is his
And so is time
We play the harlot
For nickle and dime
We work for that which is not bread
We live a life of resentment and dread
We snicker and laugh at things Holy
A spectacle we make them be
Keeping up appearances
For the sake of pride
By our own ideas
We've been robbed and lied
Veiled and Stumbling
We've lost the way
We're a self-made god
Yet we dare not say
Intoxicated with the things of life
We pollute what's pure
And stir up strife
We teach self-esteem
Self that and Self this
Jockeying for position
We backbite and hiss
To our wee little babes
covet ness we teach
but 'they'll burn in hell'
The synagogues preach
Dissatisfied creatures
We groan and complain
We look at God's Gifts
With utter disdain
We take the things
Innocent and pure
Nature itself
Looked upon as manure
We eat of judgement
We see and look
Pointing fingers at every crook
We rob and steal
And the days drag on
It's time we are trading
For our con
Like little children
We start to whine
'I don't want this!'
'I want what's thine!'
We sell our birthright
For a meal
Always looking to make a deal
We give up Faith
Seeking health
We give up our family
Searching for wealth
The cares of this world
They entangle us
We become bitter vessels
Overflowing with pus
Weighing ourselves down
With burdens much
Blaming God for such
Without God's help
We can not see
The way we are
Or how it should be
God is the one
Who can open our eyes
Plant the Spirit of Truth
And weed out the lies
I don't want to worship
This god called Self
Lord let your treasures
Be my wealth
Open up my spiritual eyes
Plant the Spirit of Truth
And weed out the lies
Lord I need your help each day
Shine through the darkness
Show me the way
Lead me down the path that's true
And let the glory be to you.

By 2GodBTheGlory

© 2000 2GodBTheGlory (All rights reserved)

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