A Pharisee and a publican
came into the temple to pray,
to come before the Holy Lord
to start their earthly day.

The Pharisee came boasting
of all his earthly good,
how he always did the proper,
the things he knew he should.
He thanked the Holy Father
because he was so fine.
He did not sin as other men,
and wasn't that divine.

The publican came humble,
repenting of his sin,
and asking God the Father
his heart to enter in.
He then thanked God the Father,
for the blessings that He gave,
forgiving humble sinners,
their sinful souls to save.

These two men entered the temple,
They both took time to pray.
Who do you think pleased the Father
with wha they had to say?

By Louise Evans

© 2000 Louise Evans (All rights reserved)

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