Do you know what its like waiting
For someone that brings you joy
A special surprise
The biggest hugg ever
The warmest smile
Too little to understand
Grown up responsibilities
I waited everyday
For there home comming
I wanted them to stay
I sat apon my grandmothers knee
She talked to me
I was the happiest little girl
That could be
But most important of all
My nan and pop
Loved me

I remeniced the times we shared
For now those years are gone
Now its time to look back
And appreciate what we had
My nan and pop are older now
So much that I no longer see them
Each time I pay them a visit
I know that I am the joy
In there life
My love I return to them
For what they gave to me

By Tequila Rose    (About Tequila Rose)

© 2000 Tequila Rose (All rights reserved)

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