A World Without Tears

Think of a world, a world without tears...Rev. 21:4
Where a man can live for a million years.
With never a grief, an ache or pain,
And never the thought of dying again.

Think of a world where a man plants a vine...Mi 4:4
He can sit in it's shade, and say, 'This is mine!'
He will live in a house his own hands have made,
And nothing shall molest or make him afraid.

Think of a world without bloodshed or strife,...Psalms 46:9
Where no man may take another man's life...Isaiah 2:4
Where man unto man will unite in peace,
And malice and hatred forever cease.

Think of a world as a global Paradise...Isaiah 35:1
Where mountains and desert will dazzle the eyes.
With beautiful flowers, and shrubbery, and trees,
With butterflies, song birds, and bees.

Think: Just as sure as God's word is truth,
A man shall return to the days of his youth...Job 33:25
His flesh shall become as the flesh of a child,
And the words that he speaks will be cheerful and mild.

Think of a world where a lame man will leap...Isaiah 35:6
From crag to crag like a deer or sheep.
Where none will be deaf, and none will be blind...Is 35:5
And the dumb shall sing and speak forth his mind.

Think of a world where each man is his brother, Psalms 133:1
Not esteeming himself above that of another...Acts 10:34,35
Where man to man will be friend to friend,
In a world without tears that will never end.

Think of a world where the dead have risen...John 11:24,25
From their silent tombs that held them in prison.
Forever to live, to love and caress...1Thes 4:9
Their loved ones and friends in righteousness.

Now a world without tears is not just a dream,
As many persons might make it seem.
For just as sure as the Bible is true,
A world without tears now lies before you...Isaiah 25:8

And since such a world before you now lies,...Isaiah 65:17
Wouldn't you like to live in such a paradise?
And share all the blessings that God has in store,
For all who will do his will evermore.

This good news of the Kingdom is still being sung,
Through-out every nation, kingdom, and tongue...Rev. 7:9
And all who are thirsty for truth are invited,
To join the New World Society and be united...1Cor 1:10

In praising our God, our Savior, and King,
And giving to them all we have, everything...Romans 12:1
That we might live throughout endless years,
In a world without sorrow, a world without tears.

By Lil*Bit

© 2000 Lil*Bit (All rights reserved)

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