The Great Banana in the Sky

The Little monkey sat,
And pondered the nature
Of the great banana in the sky.

So bright, and big,
Almost close enough to touch,
The monkey was hungry enough to cry.

He curled his tail
And licked his lips,
and vowed that he would try

To climb the highest tree,
To reach out his tiny hand
And grasp the great banana in the sky.

So up he scampered,
Branch by branch,
To see what at the top might lie.

Up there, quiet,
In the cold, still night,
He watched the banana, by and by,

But couldn't stretch
His little arms
To the great banana in the sky.

He tried jumping,
Leaping high,
But this little monkey couldn't fly.

All night long
He sat and looked,
His tummy empty, his lips dry.

Then the morning came,
The banana faded,
And the sun began to fry.

The monkey gasped
To see the light,
The giant orange in the sky.

'Where's my banana?'
He sadly thought, and:
'I don't like oranges.'

So he climbed back down
To tall, tall tree,
Leaving the sky behind,
And made himself monkey breakfast:
Two bananas, a few berries,
A cup of tea, a baked bean sandwich,
A plate of chips, a chocolate biscuit
And a big piece of apple pie.

After that, tired out,
The little monkey
Curled up on his favourite branch,
Sighed a little monkey sigh,
And went to sleep,
Dreaming of bananas,
Those great bananas in the sky.

By Talentedspaniel    (About Talentedspaniel)

© 2000 Talentedspaniel (All rights reserved)

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