Bear + Bunny
The smallest bunny, kicked away
Each burrow turns its back.
To lick its wounds alone, it hides
Beneath the world’s cracks.

But Bunny finds there is no peace
Under rock nor up a tree
Always feet that kick so hard
Nowhere to find sanctuary.

One day Bunny idly strolls
Into the path of a giant bear.
Trembling, Bunny tries to run
But bear picks it up and strokes one ear.

“Do not be scared cute baby rabbit,
I promise I will protect you.”
And Bunny smiles and snuggles close
As they admire the morning dew.

So Bear and Bunny fall in love
And though a Fairytale it is not
Their hearts are true, their souls entwined
Tied forever in a happy, gentle knot.

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By Angie Hulme

© 2003 Angie Hulme (All rights reserved)

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