We Will Not Give In
War is on the way
And our soldiers must obey.
They say goodbye
To family and friends
And pray each day
That they see them again.
Overseas is where they've gone
To defend our sacred land.
To fight against the enemy
In their home land.
We've gone to war
With them before
And now we are again.

The enemy can try
To take away our pride.
The enemy can try
To take away our freedom.
The enemy can try
To seperate this nation
But try is all they can.

For we are many
In this Great Nation.
We are many
Ages and Colors.
We are many
Heritages and Religions.
We are all
Standing as one.
We put our faith in everyone
Fighting for this nation.
Our prayers will lead you on
Til the day that you return.

We are Americans.
We will not fret.
We will not give in.
We will go in fighting
With our banner waving
And our heads held high.
We are brave
And we are proud.
We are also
Not afraid to die.
We will defend our land
Until the very end.

Written on,
March 19, 2003

By Christina Grob/Miller

© 2003 Christina Grob/Miller (All rights reserved)

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