Anytime I need a reason to
Tell you that I want to be with you
I sing about the many reasons why
I sit away alone and watch you cry

Anytime I need to understand
Why I feel the need to hold your hand
Looking in your eyes I start to see
You are not alone, you're just like me

Anytime I need to see your face
Longing for the warmth of your embrace
Following my heart is hard to do
When words escape my mind, I can't see through

Anytime I need to feel your love
Knowing you're the one I'm thinking of
Tiny notes of joy flow through my song
Coming from the Voice that knows no wrong

Anytime I need the words to say
Its time for me to give my heart away
Then into your hands I place my heart
Belonging to you always, never to part

Anytime I need to find my way
I listen to the words He has to say
This road that I am taking knows no end
All it takes to get there lies within

And anytime I need a reason to
Say the only thing I know is true
Remembering the words He said to me
'You love him, that's enough. Someday you'll see.'

...and I can need to anytime

By Indigus Evolution

© 2003 Indigus Evolution (All rights reserved)

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