The Legend of the Boo Hag
The boo hag was a legend told
to us when we were kids
to terrify and chill our souls
if bad things we did

t'is said this evil entity
at night would leave it's skin
and suck the breath of you or me
if we were it's intended victim

the hag would hang her skin
on a hook behind her bedroom door
and the terror at night would begin
lasting all night for sure

from house to house in the neighborhood
the boo hag was said to go
riding her victims hard and good
and her identity everyone did know

but no one had the nerve
to confront her doing the day
to give her what she deserved
fearing at night she'd suck their life away

yet it was said there was a way
the boo hag you could kill
but if she caught you needless to say
for you it would bode ill

for it is said just before dawn
the boo hag would return to her skin
and with a sleepy yawn
would say skin, do you know me , let me in

the skin would let the boo hag in
and it was said she'd sleep a good part of the day
and wait for the night when once again
her evil game she would play

it was told to us that one brave soul
went into her house one night
and what he saw made his blood run cold
for he saw a chilling sight

for hanging behind the door
he saw the boo hag's empty skin
finding salt in the kitchen he did pour
the whole box quickly in

then exiting the boo hag's home
he made his get away
for he knew her nightly roam
would end at break of day

it was said at returning to her skin
the boo hag quickly found out
because of the salt she could not get in
to her skin and paced about

crying skin, skin do you know me
the boo hag did pitifully plea
as the first sun's rays faithfully
into the room did creep

knowing she had to return to her skin
less the sun's rays hit her evil spirit
the hapless creature in her skin jumped in
and all over the neighborhood people could hear it

as the salt burned the spirit and body
of the boo hag on that day
they found the hapless lady
in her house in a strange way

for third degree burns all over her
the coroner did find
but no signs of a fire anywhere
which blew the me.'s mind

so whether or not my tale you believe
IF in Charleston S.C. you should go
try not to cause any old lady to grieve
because you may never know

anyone of them a boo hag could be
and should you cause them any plight
if she is then rest assuredly
she will pay you a visit tonight


By Henry Wilson

© 2003 Henry Wilson (All rights reserved)

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