The Mysterious Inflatable Monster
Her eyes gulped,
Bubbling up thick liquids,
Crawling from the lids.
The face swam reddish against the curtains
And ropes formed in her hands.

This was a new moment,
Some unknown extension of her world,
A filling, blood engorging monster.
Her tongue fell heavy.
She swallowed.

Suddenly like some hooved prey
She smelled something on the air,
And it roared across her eyeline,
Choking the space
With wirey demands and darkening stops.

Swift switch, like a caged lion
Before the lion-tamer's chair
She sat, growled, moved as directed
Ignoring the rush in her mind.

A whip, a hypnotic snake
With a soft bite,
It seemed to follow her around the room.
The carpet came up in her hands;
Fear scrawled symptons on her forehead
And played catscradle with her nerves.

Paralysed, a carcrash victim
She swayed to its beat,
It's mounting inflation,
The hardening approach.

This is closeness, heat,
Uncomplicated and unfathomable;
The twists are on the surface,
Life is in the depths
And silver insects wait to fully fly.

Undone, teeth showing,
Her jaw drops, nostrils blaze
Short breathing in its one eyed gaze
And pinching lewdly winking
It flung itself home.

By Alex the House

© 2003 Alex the House (All rights reserved)

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