Happy Birthday To Dad In Heaven
Daddy you`re in Heaven now, You`ve been gone so long
Yet my beautiful memories of you will never be gone
Today would be your birthday, You`re not here to celebrate
Yet in our hearts Dad we`ll always remember this special date
On Mom`s birthday we can all visit her grave site
And now it`s your birthday and it just dos`nt seem right
We can`t visit the site where you were laid to rest
We tried to find you Dad we really did our best

I feel so guilty Mom has a stone and flowers we place there
I want you to know Dad it`s not because we don`t care
It`s been so many years the grave yard has been sold
There`s different owner`s now and we`ve been told
You`re suppose to be buried in section c in row two
Yet their not even sure where we should look for you
We`re not allowed to place a marker or a stone there
Because their not sure which one`s your grave, It`s not fair

I`ll still go there today, Because it`s your birthday
I`ll walk up and down that row as I talk to you and pray
I`ll look up towards Heaven in the sky above
I know you`ll hear me as I send you my love
I`ll send a birthday balloon up through the sky
I`ll let it go and watch it and just let it fly
I`ll watch as it fly`s toward Heaven and watch it fly free
So my angel Dad will see and you`ll know it`s from me

We miss you so much Dad and have all through the years
And thought`s of the day you left so suddenly, still brings tears
You were a wonderful father ,I know you were one of the best
God saw you were so wonderful ,He knew you had earned your rest
You fought your illness many years and still tried to be a good Dad
He took away your sorrow and your pain even though it made us sad
We now understand you were taken to a better place
With no sorrow ,No pain .No tears ,Just a smile upon your face.

(Happy Birthday Dad)


© 2003 Libra (All rights reserved)


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