From Friendship

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Our love for each other
started quite by surprise
We knew not what we had longed for
was right before our eyes

Really liking each other
from when we had first met
Such good friends we became
we have found never to regret

We laughed and we talked
sharing secrets together
Then slowly we discovered
to be with no-one else we rather

Now over the years
much in love have fallen we
Our love grows every day
and it seems we love perfectly

If things unforeseen should cause
something to happen to me or you
We know that we will have known
love in life that was real and true

Or if unknown to us now
that our days are numbered here
We will still be together, my Love
so please have no fear

For each moment we have spent
with each other, my dear Love
We have made sweet, precious memories
such as we had never known before of

A love such as ours
is a very rare thing
Where just a mere thought
will cause our hearts to sing

We are always together
whether far or near
Our hearts bound by love
so very special and dear

So if I go before you in life
or if you should go before me
We will still be together
for all the rest of eternity

By Ethel_GG_Kent

© 2003 Ethel_GG_Kent (All rights reserved)


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