there is No hell.
i realize what i'm feeling can't be true...if it is, i'm in doom. i don't like crossing over onto harms mystical paths...but when he sickenss my mind with his poison i can't help but doubt you oh Lord. i scream, shout, panic, plead for forgivness inside. Oh Lord please save me...pass down the key, to me. At times it feels like he is hovering over my still, quiet body...just trying to break my faith...that is when i get an ache that i just can't take.

he creates a pool of lies as he plays his little game that ties me up not to beleive his truth

satan can't hurt me, i wont let him, as long as i have this sheild that God has woven together-piece by piece, i'll be alright, through the toughest fights and the toughest nights God wil be with me - You will be there for me...always.

Be with me God.
Stay with me God.

Don't make me leave You God.

I love You.

By @|y$5A

© 2003 @|y$5A (All rights reserved)


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